Headshot of debra e j David cross dds

“Dr. Cross and his staff reduced my anxieties and provided me with a level of comfort more than any other health professional I have dealt with. What I anticipated would be a painful or at least very uncomfortable experience was anything but that. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Cross answered all my questions in terms I could understand and explained the procedure step by step. During the procedure, Dr. Cross further reduced my anxieties by continuing to explain to me what he was doing.
I was sent home with clear and detailed instructions on caring for my surgical site. Listed on the instruction sheet were both Dr. Cross’ office number and his home number. He urged me to contact him if I had any questions or problems. On the following day, a Saturday, Dr. Cross called my home to check on me.
Dr. Cross’ office is cleaned and comfortable. His staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They have submitted claims to my insurance company, followed up on the status of the claims, and even contacted me to keep me informed of the progress of my claims.
All of these things contributed to make my experience with Dr. Cross very positive and successful. I would recommend Dr. Cross and his staff to anyone. In fact, I have returned to have two additional procedures performed.”