The SMILE Technique

Same Day Implants

The SMILE Technique is the most successful dental implant procedure in the world. The procedure was developed by Dr. Dennis Shanelec, and is unmatched in appearance and function. It has a success rate of 99.7%. The SMILE Technique allows patients to have a dental implant and a custom temporary crown placed all in one day. This type of procedure is often referred to as “immediate” or “same-day implants.” Dr. Cross was fortunate enough to train extensively and teach with the late Dr. Shanelec and follow his protocol for patients to receive the best possible care.

Learn About the SMILE Technique

Dr. Cross Provides All Patients with a Comprehensive Oral Exam

All patients receive a compressive examination, including dental implant patients. The evaluation may include digital radiographs and 3D Imaging. The examination allows Dr. Cross to give each patient thorough recommendations for how to best place the implants for healthy integration. Dr. J. David Cross, DDS will ensure each patient can ask questions to make an informed and comfortable decision.

How Our Periodontal Exams Work

Immediate Microsurgical Dental Implant Placement

1. Fractured Tooth
2. Removal of Fractured Tooth
3. Immediate Implant Placement
4. Placement of Crown

If you have a damaged tooth that requires replacement, you may benefit from a dental implant and the SMILE Technique. However, not every dental implant dentist offers the SMILE Technique. Do not wait to schedule an appointment with J. David Cross, DDS. Contact his periodontist’s office in Springfield, IL for an appointment online or by phone at (217) 793-0196.