We’ve all seen the advertisements, “$99 dental implants” “Fast and easy procedures” “same day dental implants” etc.… And we have also heard of friends or family saying they had their implant done by their dentist.

While our natural inclination is to automatically focus on the price, we often forget that when it comes to oral health, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Most of the dentists who are advertising low-cost, specialty periodontal procedures, have only taken weekend courses on the procedure; Implants and periodontal care is NOT their field of expertise and knowledge. While they may have some knowledge about the procedure, they do not have years of education and experience performing the procedure, like a Licensed Specialist in Periodontics.

Education and experience is critical when talking about procedures such as dental implants, gum recession, and gum treatment procedures. You want someone who has dedicated their professional career to improving their knowledge and clinical skills so that they can pass the benefits of a more successful and comfortable procedure to their patients.

Weekend courses will not deliver this expertise, and having a dentist perform your implant or periodontal procedure can actually have a poor outcome.

What’s The Difference Between A Periodontal Specialist And A General Dentist?

While both Dr. Cross and general dentists have gone to school and completed meticulous curriculums in order to provide excellent oral care, only a Periodontal Specialist has completed additional years of rigorous postgraduate schooling that focuses on the gums, teeth and bone.

While both can complete normal procedures, only a Periodontal Specialist has had education and training in performing procedures such as bone and gingival grafting, dental implants, root planing and esthetic crown lengthening.

In addition, Dr. Cross’ sole focus of his post graduate continuing education and training are in these fields of implant and gum treatment. His practice is dedicated to providing each person the highest level of care in these fields.

What To Look For When Choosing A Periodontal Specialist

There are a couple of things to look for when you are selecting a Periodontal Specialist:

  • Existing relationship with your general dentist – There is no better place to start looking for a periodontist than asking your general dentist. Odds are, they are the ones who found an issue with your teeth or gums, so asking them about the periodontist they refer to is a great first step in your search.
  • Education and Organizations – Pay attention to a periodontist’s education and what organizations they belong to. Make sure that your Periodontal Specialist has the following:
    • A dental degree from an accredited school (either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD))
    • Advanced University education and training with in an American Dental Association accredited periodontal residency program.

Why You Should Choose J. David Cross, DDS As Your Periodontal Specialist

Dr. Cross has been a practicing periodontist for over 26 years. This experience has helped him develop his technique so that his procedures are more successful, and can be completed with minimal to no tenderness. While a general dentist has only taken weekend courses, Dr. Cross has been continuing his education since he completed his postgraduate residency in Periodontics at Loyola University. Not only has the over 26 years of experience improved Dr. Cross’ techniques and skills, it has also opened the door for new and innovative procedures, such as microsurgery.

Microsurgery offers patients specialized treatment with more comfort, faster healing, and reduced inflammation over traditional techniques. Using the microscope allows for much more precise treatment of the gums and teeth. In fact, when Dr. Cross uses the microscope, he can see up to 26x greater than the naked eye alone!

A weekend course could not train someone to use a microscope for periodontal procedures. It takes years of research and practice. Dr. Cross is one of the few periodontists who have had extensive training in microsurgery. He even studied with the father of microsurgery, Dr. Dennis Shanelec.

Along with continuing education and studying with the brightest and most innovative minds in the country, Dr. Cross is dedicated to not only providing a great patient experience, but fantastic results as well. As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Cross’ procedures have a much higher rate of success than general dentists. Why? It all comes back to his education, training, experience and commitment to providing new, beautiful and above all, healthy smiles. This dedication ensures Dr. Cross’ patients will always receive the best possible care available.

There is no substitute for quality and experience when it comes to your oral health. If you need a periodontal procedure, contact Dr. Cross today at (217) 793-0196!