Ridge regeneration, or guided bone regeneration, is a bone grafting alternative that allows Dr. Cross to regenerate lost, damaged or traumatized bone to allow placement of dental implants. Springfield patients may require ridge regeneration if they have lost a significant amount of bone in the implant site.

Dr. J. David Cross conducts the procedure so that patients can benefit from all of the advantages of dental implants. Dr. Cross is a periodontal specialist and has over 30 years of experience. As a patient, you can expect guidance, gentle and precise care, and lasting, naturally esthetic outcomes.

Dr. Cross’ Approach to Ridge Regeneration

One of the reasons that Springfield patients choose Dr. Cross for ridge regeneration and sinus lift procedures is the level of knowledge he brings to their care. He regularly spends six times the required yearly hours for professional development, including skill development in ridge regeneration and guided bone regeneration.

Dr. Cross has studied different approaches and materials used in regeneration treatments. He is one of the few periodontists who have learned directly from the world’s leading experts, including private study in Budapest with the renowned oral surgeon and periodontist, Istvan Urban. Dr. Cross’s exploration of trends, technologies, and applications helps provide patients with better outcomes.

Also, he conducts every procedure using a microsurgical approach. The microscope allows him to see the features of your bone and gums more clearly and work at a more precise level of detail. This technique helps improve your comfort, encourages a speedy recovery, and can offer a significant result.

Photos below: Dr. Cross returned to Budapest to study underneath Dr. Istvan Urban, the Worlds leading expert in bone regeneration. This is Dr. Cross’ seventh time studying this highly technologically advanced treatment at Dr. Urban’s clinic-The Urban Regeneration Institute. He was the first doctor in Illinois outside of Chicago to travel to take this course. The course is a 3-day intensive hands-on course with live patient demonstrations teaching the principle of bone regeneration, giving Dr. Cross the ability to grow bone back and place implants in areas that were once untreatable due to lack of bone.

Bone Grafting

In some cases, patients may have a tooth that can’t be retained due to factors such as infection, bone loss, fracture, or decay. This tooth may require removal and may ultimately be replaced with a dental implant.

Dr. Cross will use a gentle approach to helping each person with their individual treatment.

Dental implants need a strong foundation to serve as a proper restoration for your tooth. Dr. J. David Cross offers Springfield patients bone grafting for dental implants to create this foundation. During the same appointment as the tooth extraction, Dr. Cross can conduct a socket preservation treatment, which uses bone grafts to encourage new bone generation in the extraction site. In some instances, socket preservation may also have the ability to prevent adjacent teeth from losing bone.

In addition to socket preservation, Dr. Cross also performs another type of bone grafting procedure for implants called ridge regeneration (guided bone regeneration). This treatment may be appropriate if you have previously lost a tooth and do not have enough bone to support an implant.

If you are receiving dental implants and have experienced bone resorption, you may benefit from ridge regeneration or a sinus lift. Schedule an appointment in Springfield with Dr. Cross online or by phone at (217) 793-0196.

Dr. Cross at The Vertical Course