Dr. J. David Cross offers Springfield patients crown lengthening procedures as a solution to this challenge. In the procedure, Dr. Cross can gently and precisely reposition the gum tissue using microsurgical techniques. This allows the restorative dentist to create new teeth that look natural and are esthetically pleasing.

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An Overview of Crown Lengthening

Teeth may appear short for several reasons:

  1. Excessive gum tissue. Sometimes the gum tissue and supporting bone do not recede to the ideal position as we age. As a result, the tooth structure may be covered beneath this tissue and bone.
  2. Worn-down teeth. Behaviors such as teeth grinding can reduce the size of the teeth and give them an irregular appearance.
  3. Broken-off teeth. Trauma, including chipped, fractured and/or broken teeth, may need precise and meticulously planned treatment for proper natural and esthetic therapy.

Crown lengthening is a procedure that helps Springfield patients address these concerns. Dr. Cross can fix development-related problems by revealing more of the structure of the teeth beneath the gums. For worn-down and broken-off teeth, he can reposition the gum tissue in a way that allows a dentist to access the site and place restorations.

If your teeth appear shorter than you would like or are broken and/or fractured, crown lengthening may be the right solution. J. David Cross, DDS provides crown lengthening to patients in need of treatment. Schedule an appointment at Dr. Cross’ Springfield office online or by phone at (217) 793-0196