For as long as you can remember, you’ve likely been familiar with the recommended treatment for oral health care: brush your teeth twice daily, floss your teeth every night, and visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and check-up. Some of you follow this recommended treatment to a “T.” For others, life may get in the way, and you don’t always do the oral care regimen you know you’re supposed to do.

Even if you do visit your dentist twice a year, there are some things a periodontist and a periodontal exam may find. A periodontist is a dentist who receives advanced academic education and hands-on professionally guided training through residency on the early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, or gum disease, which if left untreated can result in tooth loss. A periodontist is also specially trained in dental treatment, such as dental implants placement.

In order to truly have the best oral health care available, it’s recommended that you schedule routine visits with a periodontist, especially if you have a family history or gum disease, or are showing signs of the disease such as inflamed gums, gums that bleed, receding gums, or an overall concern about your oral health and your teeth. It’s the smart thing to do to ensure you have proper oral health care treatment.

Springfield Residents Have an Excellent Choice When Looking for a Periodontist

When it comes to finding a dental health care provider who can assist you in diagnosing a gum disease and prevent complications such as gum recession, jaw bone loss, or tooth loss, you want to know you’re working with someone who is the best of the best. Springfield area residents are fortunate when searching for a periodontist. Dr. J. David Cross, DDS has the advanced treatment in periodontics as well as microsurgery, he travels the world to stay up-to-date on the latest research, procedures, and techniques in the field, and he provides microsurgery training at Louisiana State University School of Dentistry Graduate Periodontics Department. Best of all, he’s an easily approachable health care provider who is genuinely interested in providing you with the utmost comfort and advanced treatment possible.

What a Routine Visit with Dr. Cross Is Like

When people come in for a routine check-up with Dr. Cross, Springfield residents are treated with ultimate comfort and care. Dr. Cross and his team are committed to bringing to each person a relaxed, comfortable experience.

A typical first visit with Dr. Cross will include more than an exam. Dr. Cross carefully evaluates each of his Springfield patients’ mouthes thoruoghly so that he may discuss with every person his findings and their options. Trained to diagnose, Dr. Cross knows a comprehensive exam and consultation are fundamental in offering each patient a treatment that they are comfortable with. If he determines you do have gum disease, Dr. Cross will evaluate to determine what course of treatment is recommended. For those only showing the initial signs of gum disease, following the daily oral health care regimen Dr. Cross will discuss with each person the choices they have to treat their condition. If you’re showing advanced signs, he may prescribe an additional tooth and root cleaning procedures. Because he uses advanced microscopic techniques for this procedure that typical dentists and periodontists don’t, he’s able to provide you with more precise care, a more comfortable procedure, and quicker healing.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Cross Today

Springfield area residents are strongly encouraged to visit Dr. Cross for a routine visit to see if they are showing signs of gum disease that may put their jawbone tissue or teeth at risk.

To schedule this appointment, call Dr. Cross’ office in Springfield at (217) 793-0196.