If you’ve noticed or been told by your general dentist that you have gum recession, you need to visit Dr. J. David Cross, DDS at his practice for an immediate evaluation and treatment. As a periodontist, Dr. Cross has more training and hands-on experience treating this phase of gum disease. He’s also the first in Springfield, IL to offer microscopic treatment for scaling and root planing to patients suffering from this degree of periodontal disease. By using this advanced technology, Dr. Cross is able to offer his patients a more precise and thorough cleaning.

Why Is Gum Recession a Big Deal?

You’ve likely heard of gum disease from toothpaste or mouthwash commercials, and wonder what the big deal is. While it’s true that millions of Americans suffer from the initial stages of gum disease, which include inflamed and bleeding gums, if you’re experiencing gum recession it’s a sign that bone loss has occurred. This means that you’re at a higher risk for bacterial infections, exposure to your tooth roots, jawbone tissue loss, and tooth loss.

With extensive education and training, Dr. Cross has the clinical ability to provide Springfield patients with the highest degree of precision and accuracy in the treatment of bone loss – gum recession. By applying all of his education and advanced microsurgical training Dr. Cross has the ability to successfully treat patients in a comfortable and gentle manner.

The Importance of Stopping Periodontal Disease

Springfield residents are strongly encouraged to stop periodontal disease in its tracks, especially if they are experiencing gum recession. The reason is that this common disease can progress and cause significant issues. While it’s true that teeth that are exposing their roots aren’t cosmetically pleasing, they create further problems. Teeth with exposed roots are at a higher risk for developing infection, root cavities and eventually leading to possible tooth loss.

Early Action Can Reverse Periodontal Disease and Recession

Getting a diagnosis of periodontal disease is never welcomed. But if you get treatment as soon as you’re diagnosed, you can reverse its dangerous effects. By getting scaling and root planing by an advanced periodontist like Dr. Cross, you can have healthy gums again if you commit to following proper oral hygiene in the future. Furthermore, Dr. Cross recommends that all patients get examined for possibly recession. By addressing gum recession early, patients can minimize the loss of bone and gum tissue.

Contact Dr. Cross if You’re Experiencing Gum Recession

If your case of periodontal disease and recession has progressed to the point that you’re already experiencing gum recession, it’s time that you add Dr. Cross to your team of oral health care providers. With advanced training and firsthand knowledge of the disease and procedures needed to reverse it, he can save help your teeth and help you avoid costly tooth extractions and dental implants.

We welcome all patients to reach out today for any questions or concerns. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cross today, call his Springfield office at (217) 793-0196.