Which is Right for You: Immediate Implants or Staged Implants?

Most Springfield, IL patients who choose Dr. J. David Cross, DDS for their dental implant surgery want to have their new smile as soon as possible. While Dr. Cross always strives to give his patients immediate implants, there are some cases in which staged implants are necessary, and you’ll need to wait months before your permanent crown is placed.

To find out which camp you belong in, Dr. Cross will first perform a thorough examination of your mouth. This will include:

  • A complete evaluation
  • Possible radiographs – which may include 3D image – to allow Dr. Cross to properly assess the quality and quantity of jaw bone present
  • A follow-up conversation with you to discuss the recommended treatment for you given your unique oral anatomy

Some Springfield patients have adequate jaw bone tissue and sinus height to have implants placed immediately – even on the same day their natural tooth is being extracted. Other patients may require pre-surgeries to make their mouths implant-ready. These include patients who have lost jaw bone tissue, often because their tooth has been missing for some time and their jaw bone has resorbed due to the lack of bone stimulation from the missing tooth root, or they need a sinus lift so that implants can be placed in the upper jaw without occupying the sinus cavity.

What Springfield Patients Can Expect with Immediate Implant Placement

If you meet the surgical criteria for having your implants immediately placed, you’ll arrive in our office prepared to have a tooth extraction, if needed, followed by the permanent implant placement. Throughout the day, you can expect:

  • Dr. Cross to work one-on-one with you to manage your comfort level and to alleviate any dental anxiety you may typically feel – after all, oral surgery is often his patients’ first experience with any type of surgery
  • Detailed instructions once the implants have been placed, so you know exactly how to care for them during your recovery process
  • Special contact numbers to call if you have any questions once you go home
  • Complete aftercare instructions

What Springfield Patients Can Expect if Staged Implants Are Needed

If your oral examination uncovers that you need a pre-procedure first, Dr. Cross will explain it to you in detail. Common pre-procedures before implants can be placed include sinus lifts and bone grafting. While it may be initially disappointing that you need to wait to see your final results, rest assured Dr. Cross is a highly skilled periodontist in the United States to perform these pre-surgeries.

When performing sinus lifts, Dr. Cross uses an advanced pneumatic pressure tool during his surgeries. In fact, he was the first periodontist in the United States to begin using this tool, which is gentler, more focused, and provides a more accurate effect! Together with microsurgery techniques, which allow him to see the details of your mouth up to 26 times more clearly, this emerging technology provides you with an ideal sinus lift.

If you need bone grafting, you’re in especially good hands as Dr. Cross is one of the only practitioners in our area with advanced training in ridge regeneration, which is the process of replacing lost, damaged, or traumatized bone to allow implants to be placed. With ridge regeneration, you can expect:

  • Dr. Cross to apply bone graft materials to the treatment site or sites
  • In the case of guided bone regeneration, Dr. Cross will use a mesh-like barrier between the bone graft and your gums to encourage bone regeneration

After your sinus lift or ridge regeneration, you will need time to properly heal before your implants can be placed. Your healing period may take up to 6 to 8 months, but remember, individual results will always vary.

To learn if staged dental implant placement is the best approach for your oral health, call Dr. Cross today and schedule a dental implant consultation in Springfield, IL.