Many Springfield residents are surprised when they either lose a tooth or learn that they need to have a permanent tooth removed. They are also often worried. After all, without a tooth or multiple teeth, how are you supposed to eat, much less be confident with your smile? The answer for many who are missing or facing missing teeth is getting dental implants, a procedure that periodontist Dr. J. David Cross performs on a regular basis. But many of Dr. Cross’ patients have never had any type of surgery performed, and are understandably a little anxious, as well as curious, as to what the dental implants surgery entails. Read below for a detailed description.

Step 1: Tooth Removal (If Necessary)

If you haven’t already lost your natural, permanent tooth, you will require a tooth. This is a procedure that Dr. Cross performs on many patients every year. A tooth extraction is a procedure in which you are completely numbed as your tooth is carefully removed.

Step 2: The Possibility for Pre-Implant Treatment

Some Springfield patients who require dental implants aren’t naturally ready for implant placement and need pre-treatment to be performed first in order to allow for dental implants success. One such procedure is a bone graft. This is necessary if you don’t naturally have sufficient jawbone tissue in order for the titanium dental implants to be inserted. A second possible treatment you may need, if getting dental implants on the upper jaw, is a sinus lift. This is because some patients naturally have low sinuses, and need this to be addressed for long term successful treatment.

Step 3: The Placement of Your Dental Implants

Springfield residents should know that dental implants surgery is an outpatient procedure. Depending on your unique oral anatomy and case, you may be able to automatically skip to this step without requiring a tooth extraction or pre-treatment procedures.

When placing dental implants, Dr. Cross uses microsurgery techniques – and he is the only Springfield and midwest periodontist to do so. These techniques allow for smaller incisions and faster healing. This approach and specific technique provides patients with an increase in comfort and a positive experience.

Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Cross

With the exception of knowing whether or not you need a tooth extracted, there’s no way for dental implants patients to know if they will require pre-treatment on their own before getting these teeth replacement systems placed. That’s why a consultation with experienced Dr. Cross is so important. He performs a thorough examination to determine if you’re ready to skip straight to placement of your dental implant or if you need additional help to take place first in order to ensure dental implants success.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Cross is easy. Simply contact our office in Springfield today at (217) 793-0196.