If you have one or more teeth that need to be removed (or have already been removed), you’re likely looking to replace them with dental implants. When it comes to getting these tooth replacement systems placed, you probably have a lot of questions. Springfield, IL residents who are curious about dental implants are encouraged to contact Dr. Cross, for more information about the procedure. There are 3 questions you’ll want to ask any periodontist who is placing your implants, including Dr. Cross.

 1. Do I Require a Bone Graft?

Not every patient who desires dental implants can have them immediately placed. Some patients have had teeth missing for years and suffer from bone resorption, a condition in which the jawbone hasn’t been stimulated by the natural tooth’s root and has shrunken as a result. Patients whose jawbones have significantly decreased over time may require bone grafting surgery before having dental implants placed. If you fall into this category, ask if pre-surgeries are needed before you can proceed with getting your replacement teeth.

 2. Do I Need a Sinus Lift?

If you need implants in your upper jaw, you need to confirm whether or not your sinuses are naturally high enough to support the dental implant. Some people have naturally low sinuses, and the titanium implant that is placed may be too long and can enter their sinus cavity without having sinus lift treatment. As an experienced periodontist and dental implant dentist, Dr. Cross knows how to identify patients who require and would benefit from sinus elevation, Dr. Cross often may perform the placement of the implant and the sinus elevation in only one procedure.

 3. Does My Dentist Use the Latest Microsurgery Techniques?

Getting dental implants placed is a very involved process. Obviously, as a dental patient in Springfield, you want your treatment to be successful. That’s why Dr. Cross is committed to microsurgery and the advantages it provides each patient. With the microscope, specialized oral health care providers are able to perform more precise surgeries that result in more patient comfort and quicker healing times. In Springfield, Dr. Cross provides his patients with the latest microsurgical techniques, and these advancements allow him to provide each patient with the highest level of care.

Pick the Right Oral Health Care Provider for Your Dental Implants Surgery

Getting dental implants placed is an investment – not only in time but also financially. In Springfield, IL, Dr. J. David Cross, DDS is committed to providing people with exceptional patient care. His extensive training continues to improve as he puts his patients’ safety first. If you are considering dental implants or wish to have a specialist provide you with an evaluation and a comprehensive consultation of which therapies are available for you, you may wish to consult with Dr. Cross.

Feel free to call today for any questions or concerns you might have at (217) 793-0196. We gladly help anyone trying to improve their oral health and are here for you every step of the way.