Springfield residents looking to replace missing teeth with dental implants should rest assured that this advanced tooth replacement system has a very high success rate – upwards of 90%. However, there are situations in which dental implants do fail. To make sure you’re not in this unfortunate minority, here’s a list of steps that local periodontist and dental implant dentist, Dr. Cross, recommends you take.

 1. Do Your Research on Dental Implant Specialists Beforehand

It is important to know the difference between someone who is trained on a procedure and someone who has specialized in that procedure. Additional CE courses are available for everyone and Dr. Cross takes advantage of these to make sure he is always up to date on the latest technologies and methods. He wants his patients to know that he will do as much as possible to make sure he offers the highest safety and dependability possible. By choosing Dr. J. David Cross, DDS for your dental implants, you will be able to trust that he has had the experience and training for your best possible outcome.

 2. If You Smoke, Quit Before Your Procedure

If you’re a smoker, you’re probably tired of hearing people telling you to quit. Trust us; we don’t want to lecture you. However, as a professional, Dr. Cross must tell his patients who smoke, that cigarette usage is linked to dental implant failure. If you want to keep your replacement teeth and your new smile, the best way to do so is by kicking the habit for good. If you need help quitting smoking, ask Dr. Cross, and he can point you in the direction of a smoking cessation program.

 3. Keep Any Known Health Conditions Under Control

Certain pre-existing health conditions are known to put you at an added risk for dental implant failure. If you don’t have healthy gums, to begin with, or you have osteoporosis, you could be at a higher risk of experiencing implant failure. Tell Dr. Cross if you have these or any other pre-existing conditions so he can carefully formulate your dental implants placement plan around them and, if necessary, consult with your other healthcare providers.

The Importance of Trusting a Springfield Periodontist Like Dr. Cross

While many local dentists now advertise that they perform dental implants, working with a periodontist like Dr. Cross who has additional academic and residency training in periodontology and the placement of dental implants is in your interest – both functional and esthetic. And with experience in periodontics since 1990, several global trips to learn from world-leading periodontal experts, and a significant number of guest lecturer sessions, Dr. Cross is the smart choice for Springfield residents looking to have dental implants placed.

Call Today to Meet Dr. Cross

Your first step in getting dental implants should be to meet the oral health care provider who will perform your treatment and give you that picture-perfect smile.

To schedule an appointment to meet and consult with Dr. Cross, call his Springfield practice today at (217) 793-0196.