Whether you’re a Springfield resident who’s missing multiple permanent teeth, or you’ve been told you need several teeth extracted due to other reasons, you’re probably wondering what your teeth replacement options are. After all, you still want to be able to enjoy all your favorite solid foods and feel confident when speaking and. While bridges and partial dentures used to be the replacement system or choice for people missing multiple teeth, dental implants are now the most popular, state-of-the-art system for teeth replacement.

Replacing Multiple Adjacent Teeth

Dental implants work by placing a titanium fixture or “screw” into a Springfield patients’ mouth and then adding a tooth-looking crown on top to provide a natural looking smile that also allows the patient to eat anything he or she wants. If you have adjacent teeth that need to be replaced, you may sometimes be able to replace two teeth with one implant. In fact, some patients who need all of their teeth replaced choose a procedure called All-on-4, in which just 4 implants are placed to hold all the teeth crowns needed to restore full eating functionality and a complete smile.

Replacing Teeth that Are Spread Apart

If you’re missing teeth or need teeth extracted, then you’ll need one titanium rod for each tooth that needs to be replaced. This is a totally viable option for Springfield patients, and Dr. Cross performs this procedure on a regular basis, and best of yet, on a microsurgical basis. This means that while you may want to rest after your surgery, you’ll be able to perform most of your normal day-to-day activities, with some minor exceptions the first few days after your procedure.

Talk to Dr. Cross About Your Dental Implants Questions

Springfield periodontist Dr. Cross has been in the periodontal field since 1990, and he’s placed dental implants in thousands of local patients. If you need a tooth or multiple teeth replaced, ask Dr. Cross about your unique situation and what treatment plan he recommends for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to teeth replacement, and Dr. Cross always performs a thorough examination on everyone to come up with a personal treatment plan for each patient.

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Whether you already have missing teeth, or you know you need multiple teeth extracted, Dr. Cross can help you achieve the chewing functionality and smile aesthetics you desire. To inquire about replacing multiple teeth with dental implants, call our Springfield practice today to learn more and schedule an initial consultation. We can be reached at (217) 793-0196.